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Mater Hospital Emergency Department

Leading emergency medicine in resuscitative care in Ireland. 

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About Us

The Mater ED is at the leading edge of resuscitative care in Ireland. There is a daily consultant dedicated to covering the 5 bedded resus room. As a major trauma centre, we receive a large volume of critically ill trauma from around the country.

Within the hospital we have access to support from the largest ICU in the country looking after all levels from care from high dependency to the sickest multi organ failure patients. The Mater is also the only ECMO centre in Ireland. 

Our medical and nursing teams are leaders in their areas, we have several consultants dual trained in ICM and EM who work in both specialties, a unique set up for Ireland. Discover what makes working in Mater Emergency Medicine unique and tailored to encouraging the highest of standard of training. 

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Medical Students

Students are always welcome at the Mater Hospital. As a university teaching hospital, education is at our core and we understand the importance of preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals. We also value students' huge contribution every year in caring for our patients.

Education & Training

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Our History

The Mater Hospital was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1852. In 1861, the hospital officially opened its doors, providing the best in medical care to all those who needed it - irrespective of their means. This philosophy and mission continues to this day.

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