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Clinical Ultrasound

The Mater emergency department has pioneered the way in clinical ultrasound in Ireland. Point-of-care ultrasound is routinely practised for many of our patients to provide detailed clinical assessment in all aspects of injury and illness. Also, our ED consultant team performs advanced echocardiography for our most critically-ill patients. Ultrasound guided planar nerve blocks and line insertion is the standard of care for our patients.


Mater Hospital Emergency Department Ultrasound Programme

The Mater Emergency Department has pioneered the way in the use of emergency ultrasound in Ireland. Ultrasound is routinely practised for all our patients to provide detailed clinical assessment in all aspects of injury and illness. We use 10 cart-based ultrasound machines on the floor in addition to several handheld devices. We have a core group of internationally recognised consultant educators in emergency ultrasound that will mentor you through an accreditation process during your time in our Emergency Department.


Our consultant team deliver a weekly comprehensive syllabus covering introduction to ultrasound, heart and lung, abdomen and vascular access, as well as encouraging and facilitating as many people as possible to complete their accreditation process for CSTEM & ASTEM. In addition to this, we feature a quality assurance and governance process for scans performed in the ED. There is a strong focus on echocardiography and ultrasound in the critically ill patient in our resus room.

We also facilitate exciting research opportunities through our close association with the Pillar Education Centre. A Clinical Ultrasound Fellowship position is also available if you are interested in taking your scanning skills to the next level. Our elective medical students enjoy clinical hands-on ultrasound education in the Emergency Department and have led the way in organising the SonoGames Ireland project. 

" We have a dedicated group of internationally recognised trainers in emergency ultrasound who have provided training in all aspects of emergency medicine point-of-care ultrasound "

Mater Emergency Medicine Department Ultrasound Programme 

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