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The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital has been designated as the MTC for the Central Trauma Network and is forecast to manage an additional 1,531 trauma patients, of which 1,217 will have high-severity injuries. Over the last two years, the Mater Trauma Strategic Steering Group has engaged with multiple key stakeholders in trauma care both nationally and internationally (including The Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre, Melbourne and St Mary’s MTC, London) in preparation of becoming an MTC.


The Mater Hospital and becoming a National Major Trauma Centre

The Irish National Trauma Strategy recommends that an inclusive trauma system be established, where a network of facilities and services co-ordinate in the care of injured patients along standardised pathways. International studies have consistently shown that concentrating the care of severely injured patients in dedicated Major Trauma Centres is associated with improved access to care, reduced length of stay and demonstrably better outcomes for patients. The Strategy sets out that trauma services in the future trauma system will be delivered by two regional hub and-spoke networks: the Central Trauma Network; and the South Trauma Network. The hubs of each network will be the Major Trauma Centres (MTCs). MTCs will provide the highest level of specialist trauma care to the most severely injured patients on a single hospital site and will act as the highest point of escalation for trauma services within their respective networks.

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As part of this exciting development and expansion of enhanced trauma care, the Mater will establish a dedicated team for the ward based care of major trauma patients (the In-Patient Trauma Service - IPTS). The post holder will rotate through the Trauma Service. The trauma service is led by a hybrid of consultants including Emergency Medicine, Orthopaedic, Vascular, Thoracic, and Surgery with a sub-specialty interest in trauma. The post-holder can have a background in any of the specialities mentioned but there are opportunities for other specialities so please contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss.

The IPTS currently includes 2 Fellows, 6 Registrars, 2 ANPs and 3 Trauma Coordinators with strong links to a number of other liaison services recognising the multi-system impact of major trauma. Registrars will have an opportunity to develop a range of interests in this highly exciting development at The Mater including research, audit and innovation as well as consultant led trauma focussed educational programmes, point of care ultrasound, simulation training and trauma procedures. This can be tailored to any of the base specialities of the trainee.

Trauma Registrar Role

The role of the Trauma Registrar will involve working with both their base speciality team as well as the IPTS. Over the course of the rotation dedicated periods will be assigned to trauma in-patient ward care, as well as base speciality including ED and operating theatre. By the end of the rotation it can be expected that a comprehensive understanding of trauma patient care will be achieved from the acute admitting stage, procedural and/or operative, post-intervention care and transitional care. While providing trauma patients with excellent dedicated multi-speciality team based care, the Registrar will also develop a unique skill set and understanding of trauma patient management that can be taken back to their base speciality as they progress through training.

This will be invaluable for patient and clinician as Trauma care in Ireland is becoming standardised in dedicated Major Trauma Centres and Trauma Units across the country, and will require Clinicians with dedicated experience to work in these hospitals, even if their primary career goal is not trauma. This rotation will provide a unique experience to work with Consultants from a variety of sub-specialities all with special interest and training in trauma care, as well as specialist Nursing and Allied Health practitioners in what is a very collegial and vibrant centre.

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