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Mater ED Vocera Communications project

Vocera is a Wi-Fi enabled, hands-free, voice activation badge (think Star Trek!) that connects healthcare professionals instantly, allowing two-way communication. We are lucky in the Mater ED as we are the very first public hospital site using Vocera in Ireland










Users can call each other by name (call John Smith) or by role (call Red Zone Nurse), or broadcast to a group (broadcast to ED Doctors). The badges are now fully integrated with both the telephony system and the pager system. For example, users can call a badge from a desk phone or vice versa (call extension 2121)

Successful implementation of this has been a collaborative effort between clinical teams, IT, switchboard and the technical communications department

Vocera was rolled out as a highly successful pilot project across multiple disciplines in the ED COVID Zones, ED Radiology, Patient Flow, Admissions and among Site Nurse Managers to assist with ease of communication during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Phase 2 will see expanded use of Vocera and incorporate enhanced group usage including Trauma Team and FAST call activation

Below you will see Top Commands and some very short videos to get you started: 

Top command examples:


Starting off

Log me in

Add me to Blue Zone Doctor

Learn commands (if you’re having trouble with an accent, takes ~4 mins)


Calling people

Call Fran O’Keeffe or Call Red Zone Doctor

Call Switch

Call Blood Bank

Urgently Call Red Zone Doctor (immediate connection)

Broadcast to all ED Nurses

Dial extension 7479

Vocera - How to Use it videos



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