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Critical Care

The Mater ED is at the leading edge of resuscitative care in Ireland. Management of the critically ill and injured is central to our core ethos in the Mater ED. There is a daily consultant dedicated to covering the 5 bedded resus room. As a major trauma centre, we receive a large volume of critically ill trauma from around the country.

We have an ongoing airway audit of all intubations within the ED and recent results show that 85% of emergency intubations are done by EM staff . In your time in resus you will find yourself placing arterial and central lines on a daily basis and managing patients from arrival, resuscitation, advanced imaging (with CT in the resus room) and onwards referral to intensive care medicine.


Within the hospital we have access to support from the largest ICU in the country looking after all levels from care from high dependency to the sickest multi organ failure patients. The Mater is also the only ECMO centre in Ireland.


We have several consultants dual trained in ICM and EM who work in both specialties, a unique set up for Ireland. Non invasive haemodynamic monitoring using critical care echocardiography is performed for our resus room patients.

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Point of Care Ultrasound

PoCUS is critical in the Resus Room with several consultants leading nationally on PoCUS and with the highest level of accreditations in echocardiography.

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