The Siilo House Rules.....

Siilo was recently introduced to our Emergency Department and it has revolutionised the way we communicate. It promotes transparency, allows us to follow the progress of our patients, and provides wonderful educational opportunities. Siilo makes it easier than ever to contact teams for specialist advice but it should never replace sound clinical judgement. Here are some points to get you started:

  1. Be civil at all times

  2. Used closed-loop communication Please respond to referrals/messages as soon as you see them. You don’t need to have a plan immediately, but acknowledge that you are aware of the situation

  3. Create a new case for each patient

  4. For emergency cases, always discuss in person. Please pick up the phone for advice

  5. Think before you post! Use your clinical judgement. Give an “Impression” - your best guess about what’s going on

  6. Ask a clinical question/ Propose a management plan. What do you feel the patient needs? Why are you asking this specialty to be involved?

  7. Not sure if it needs to go on Siilo? Ask a reg/consultant (from your own team)

  8. If you are anticipating a significant delay in patient care please inform the group

  9. Print a copy of your Siilo conversation. Siilo automatically deletes all conversations after 30 days. For your own protection, print a copy of the conversation and add it to the patient’s notes. This is especially important for high stakes diagnoses.

  10. Remember that you can use the Siilo desktop app. This can speed up the process, especially when writing long notes

If you have any questions about using Siilo, feel free to contact your friendly neighbourhood registrar or consultant!

Peer review - Cian McDermott

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