Recording your online presentation...

If you want to record a high quality talk for an online presentation consider some of these steps

Write a script

Everyone needs a beginning, middle and end - @ffolliet is the king of the storyline

Signpost what you will say at the start & refresh key messages at the end

Feel free to ad lib but if you drift off topic too much you will lose your listeners

Gather your own images

Shoot your own images or video - customise them and it’s also more fun

I took these images on my phone for a recent paper I wrote on Lung ultrasound

Choose your software

Keynote or Powerpoint?

I prefer Keynote as it handles video really well

I use Screencast to record my Keynote presentation - it’s great for editing afterwards, can remove umms, aahs and glitches

Use a bluetooth slide advancer - I use Logitech Spotlight but your phone works well too

Buy a mic

You really need an external mic here. That tinny sound from your computer internal microphone's is not pleasant on the ear for 20 minutes

The choice is between USB or XLR - USB is easier IMHO

Dynamic mics are preferred over a condenser mic for spoken word in a controlled situation

Record in a sound friendly area

No barking dogs, crying children

Ideally away from high ceilings or glass windows

Consider curtains, carpet or even a duvet for a softer sound

Save & upload & share

Choose your output format and upload to Vimeo, YouTube or a platform of your choice

Share & embed the link...

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