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Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Hi all, I'm Conór and I'm one of the ED Nurses. You will usually find me hanging out in Resus or Triage! I would like to share some information with you regards the recent rollout of the departmental sepsis pathway and accompanying sepsis trolley in which I was part of!

As I'm sure you're all aware, sepsis is one of the most common and serious ED presentations. It's typically identified at triage when a patient is identified as being Sirs+ve (ie. 2 or more symptoms of sepsis). At this point it is imperative the 'sepsis six' 1-hour bundle is commenced as to avoid the patient further deteriorating!

Once a patient has been triaged and identified as Sirs+ve, the triage Nurse should then proceed in printing the ED sepsis form (found in the patient documents tab on patient centre) and inform a senior ED Doctor of the patient as so they are reviewed urgently. The hope is that the patient will receive the 'sepsis six' within 1-hour of presentation. There is an abundance of readily available research and journal articles to support the claim that receiving the sepsis six within 1-hour reduces in-patient length of hospital stay, the emergence of severe organ dysfunction, the incidence of developing 'post sepsis syndrome' within 6 months of initial diagnosis and ultimately reduces rates of mortality!

This then leads me to the sepsis trolley. You will find a sepsis trolley in both the yellow and blue zones within the department. The trolley looks identical to the nerve block trolley except on top you will see a yellow poster or 'dump template' thats acts as a visual prompt to aid staff in administering the 'sepsis six'. The trolley is mobile containing all equipment required to achieve the sepsis six (ie. oxygen, antimicrobials, fluids, blood and culture bottles etc). This aims to reduce both cognitive and physical workload when attending to the patient...and may come to be particularly handy in busy wintertime.

Clicking the below link will direct you to a minute and a half long video that goes through the contents of the trolley and I strongly encourage both medical and nursing staff to utilise it. Your feedback is always appreciated. Feel free to approach me if any questions and if you have any tips or information to share.

Peer Review - Cian McDermott

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