Diary from Jack Perry...

Dr Jack Perry worked in the Mater ED until July 2020. Sadly he is gone back to Queensland Australia!

Here's a short piece about his experiences with us....thanks mate!

If you know someone from overseas that would like to work in our ED, please contact tbreslin@mater.ie or cianmcdermott@mater.ie

"My short tenure at the Mater as an emergency registrar all started from a job advertised in one of the trainee emails from the Australasian College Of Emergency Medicine. I stumbled upon it whilst travelling through Europe on what was a delayed gap year. It described a job in the busiest ED in Ireland, with a diverse high acuity patient demographic. In all honesty, I had no idea what I was getting into. I have a colleague who has worked here at the Mater also, and he said “it’s a steep learning curve.” I decided not to pry any deeper into the meaning of his words, and after a couple of months of paperwork and phone calls I was all set up to start in January 2020.

When I started, I began to realise what my colleague had meant. The sheer number of patients to be seen, the trolleys on every available piece of floorspace, the acuity of some of the presentations. I could not help but think “what had I gotten myself into?” Thankfully, this was all offset by the support and professionalism of my medical colleagues and the nursing staff in the ED. I cannot sing enough praise for the nurses in the Mater ED. The teaching, both formal and informal, that I received while working has been invaluable. I have picked up skills in ultrasound, resuscitation and patient management that I will carry with me throughout my career.

To add to the unfamiliarity of working in a different health system in a new country, along comes COVID-19. The rapidity of the changes in the emergency department is a testament to the response at the Mater. I think I may now be one of the most COVID-19 experienced Australian ED trainees around! My European travel plans had been dashed, but an unexpected silver lining emerged. Isolated from family and friends, I have found the ED team as friendly as they come, and was welcomed without reservation.

In what has been a tumultuous time throughout the world, I would not change a thing. I will cherish every experience that I have had and the friends that I have made while I have worked in the Mater ED. I owe many thanks to the consultant team, the registrars, the junior doctors and the nursing staff. This has been the experience of a lifetime...."

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