MRCEM exams

For those that are on the Emergency Medicine training scheme or pathway, it is required we sit all parts of the MRCEM.

This is now in transition to the FRCEM exams as dictated by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine.

For the various exams there are some useful resources below.

This website has a large bank of sample questions that you can sign up to for between one and 6 months.  It includes questions for FRCEM Primary as well as the FRCEM intermediate.

FRCEM Intermediate SAQ

Revision Notes for MRCEM Part B

Victoria Stacey

Get Through: MRCEM Part B: Data Intepretation Questions.

Hall, Trivedy and Thenabadu.


MRCEM Part C: 

MRCEM Part C: 125 OSCE stations.

Somani and Jain


There are a variety of websites as well

Life in the Fast lane, has a huge amount of resources including recommended textbooks and ECG library.      An excellent Radiology source with a large bank of images      Great for Dermatology         Australian based but provides good resources for exam preparation


There are also good exam preparation courses to do