Hip Fracture referrals – Medxnote/proforma

24 Apr


All NCHDs by this time should have received an invite to the Medxnote app and hip fracture group.

This is the new way we will refer hip fractures to the orthopaedic on call service. This should allow timely referral and expedite access to an operating theatre and an inpatient bed for this group.  The Medxnote Hip fracture group also includes the ortho-geriatrcians and anaesthetists.

We have a responsibility to provide concise clear communication in this format to enable efficient patient care.

The message provided should be structured along the ISBAR communication tool format. A X-ray of the fracture views should be provided and relevant details regarding medical issues/history.   You should sign the referral with your name/grade ie John EM SHO.

An example of this would be:

JC 78 Male. Left NOF fx. Slip/fall this am.  Hx Aortic stenosis. Nil other injuries. Sarah J EM SpR

The referral process to the Orthopaedic team should still occur and documentation be on the Hip fracture proforma.  This document will be available in the block press in minor theatre.

If there are any issues with this process or if you have opinions/queries please let us know.


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