Smithfield Minor Injuries Clinic – MMUH ED

8 Feb

Mater Minor Injuries Clinic

Mater Emergency Department recognizes that some patients present to our department with minor injuries that can safely be managed by a doctor or advanced nurse practitioner in a minor injuries clinic as opposed to in the Emergency Department. In an effort to have our patients managed as quickly as possible we have designed a Minor Injuries Clinic at our local injury unit in Smithfield, Dublin 7.

At triage you may identify an individual whom you think would be appropriate to refer to the minor injuries unit. If you wish you can confirm this with the floor consultant or registrar. A very brief triage is required as all these patients will be clinically stable and present with simple minor injuries. In many cases patients have come to ED as they don’t have a GP or couldn’t get an appointment or they simply require an x-ray.

Our Minor Injuries clinic is staffed by a fully trained Advanced Nurse Practitioner as well as an ED SHO or registrar/SpR.


  1. Triage as normal
  2. Print ED card
  3. If suitable for Minor Injuries Clinic: track as discharge and drop down box to ED Clinic
  4. Drop down box to MMUH Smithfield
  5. Drop down to date and time of appointment (like making wound care appointment)
  6. Track on appointment, write time and date on Acute Primary Care Sheet
  7. Give sheet to patient and ask to attend at designated time with printed sheet

No additional payment required for service

Doctors in Smithfield has access to plain x-ray, prescriptions, plastics/ortho opinion, OPD appointments etc but NOT blood tests or CT Scans.


If patients do not wish to avail of this service please explain that they will be seen in time order but that this almost certainly will involve a longer wait than attending the Clinic in Smithfield . They can change their mind at any time and ask to be referred to Smithfield

Patient information sheet: Minor Injuries Unit Smithfield-details