POCUS Teaching

POCUS teaching November/ December 2017


We are starting a trial project of point of care ultrasound (POCUS) teaching in MMUH ED. It is an exciting new opportunity for you to learn how you can start to use POCUS by the bedside in ED!

Location: Teaching will take place on Mondays 0815 – 0900 in ED minor theatre area


Teaching roster November and December 

Date Registrar Topic Lead
Nov 13th Noel O Reilly Aorta Cian
Nov 20th Ahmed Abdelsadek FAST
Nov 27th Gillian Judge Renal
Dec 4th Habib Khan Gel Rounds



There will be a Registrar led talk from 0815 to 0820 of each for 5 mins

  • there is no need to produce powerpoint slides for your talk – pick a topic to show or explain. Email Cian McDermott one week ahead of your talk to set this up**
  • the registrar that is leading the session should arrive in enough time to boot up 2 machines, ensure gel bottles are filled and arrange a model per machine
  • the theme for Nov/ Dec will be abdominal US (aorta, FAST, renal, GB)
  • following the registrar talk – the group will divide in 2 to allow supervised scanning.This will be led by consultant and will involve supervised scanning with pathology slides for comparison


Gel Rounds

On the 1st Monday of each month we will run ‘Gel Rounds’ – this is intended to be bedside patient scanning of a suitable ED patient. The registrar in charge of this session should liaise with the overnight registrar to identify a patient for the team to scan

*Suggested teaching topics for Nov/ Dec

– what is POCUS? How does it differ from radiology based teaching. Why do we do it?

– how to boot up and set up the machine, how to download a scan, how to adjust depth, focus, gain to optimise a scan

– proper probe hold and movements

– useful #FOAMed websites to learn POCUS


Please contact Cian McDermott for any questions about this format