4th Year Med Student Rotation

4th Year Med Student Timetable for Emergency Medicine Attachment


Your attachment in the ED is very brief and it is quite a challenge to supervise and provide education for 10 students in such a short period of time. As a result we have assigned you to different areas of the department to do different activities so that you are not all clustering on top of each other.

Each group of 10 students is divided into pairs based on the alphabetical order of your names. If there are 9 students, the final student can choose to join another group or follow the timetable for group E.


MAJORS: these are the cubicles numbered 1-14. Some of these will be new attenders, some of these will be admitted patients. Either see these patients with the assessing doctor or take a history and examination and present your findings. Many of these patients will need cannulas and bloods taken along with other procedures like ECGs. Please offer to help the doctor or nurse responsible with these procedures

MINORS: These are the cubicles marked ambulatory care that lie between the AMAU and the waiting room. There is usually an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in this area who will be seeing patients with minor injuries. You will get experience with radiology, MSK examination and wound care in this area

TRIAGE: This represents the two rooms at the ambulance entrance. All patients presenting to the ED will be seen by one of our experienced triage nurses in this area in order to determine how urgently they are seen. This is a very busy area and you should be able to observe the initial assessment of patients. Many of the sicker patients will benefit from having ECG and blood tests taken at this early stage. Please discuss this with the nurse in that area

RESUS: This is the 5 bedded resuscitation area where the sickest patients are seen and treated. You will have the opportunity to observe multiple procedures including chest drains, intubation, central and arterial line placement and also the management of cardiac arrest. This can be a very hectic and dramatic environment so your role may be limited to observation at certain times

SMITHFIELD: The Mater runs a rapid-injury clinic in the Smithfield Market area. This is designed to see only people with minor injuries. It is open from 8am-6pm and is staffed by and advanced nurse practitioner and a doctor. It has access to plain x-rays and is on the same computer system as the main hospital. Phone number is: 01 657 9000


ONLINE: There are 7 online modules that you are required to complete during your attachment in the ED. Each takes about 30 minutes to complete. They can be accessed via the links below. Most consist of a short video followed by some simple questions recorded on a google form.  You will be sent a password at the beginning of your attachment.


Please enter your name so that we can record your responses and enable you to be signed off as completing your ED attachment. If you do not complete these modules you will not be signed of as having completed your attachment in the ED. It is important that you enter your full name so that we can record completion of the modules.

Any feedback/comments on the education modules would be appreciated at aneill [at] mater [dot] ie (EM SpR) or tbreslin [at] mater [dot] ie (EM Consultant)

Other teaching opportunities

Case based tutorials will occur at 12pm each day. The slides are available below.

Department Teaching

  • 0830 Every Friday in Registrar Room
  • Point of Care Ultrasound Teaching – 08.30 every Monday in Minor ops room


Joint ICU/EM teaching

  • First Friday of the month in ICU at 07:30

Joint radiology/EM teaching

  • Third Friday of the month in Registrar room 08:00

Joint Acute Medicine/ED teaching

  • Fourth Friday of month


Online teaching resources


Basic Ultrasound Videos

FAST exam

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_FeUVeYxXw]


YouTube Playlist of different FAST views
[youtube http://youtu.be/wgCSZkCkkeI?list=PL4Wbz_6EGC6_EAq_dJ2b7YZ6G8–D2Rln]


Basic Lung ultrasound
[youtube http://youtu.be/26RQyxk5vGc]


Useful short videos at 5minsono.com