GEM Case 2 – Medication Management

8 Feb

A 79-year-old man is brought to the emergency department by his family because of increasing confusion, general weakness, and lethargy.  As per the family and the patient he was in his usual state of good health, which included daily walks, … Read More »

Emergency GP service MMUH ED

8 Feb

Mater Acute Primary Care Service Mater Emergency Department recognizes that some patients present to our Department with injury or illness that can safely be managed by a specialist primary care doctor. In an effort to have our patients managed as … Read More »

GEM case 1

2 Feb

A 93-year-old man as brought to the ED by his wife and daughters for confusion.   He had a history of dementia with a gradual decline in his functioning over the past year. Twice in the past week, the staff at … Read More »